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I am just absolutely not talented at all when it comes to playing basketball."12.

Once Bleu was cast, he took a basketball with him 24/7 and even slept with it so he'd get more comfortable.

"I just knew that I was terrible," she said of her audition.

"We ran through the scene and then she gave me notes," Grabeel recalled with a laugh. (The red carpet event was held at the Galen Center at the University Of Southern California on Thursday in Los Angeles.) The 24-year-old Kay Cee, who is planning her January 2009 wedding, also wore custom jewels that were handmade by Nancy Barrus. Also spotted on the red carpet: Fellow wildcats Monique Coleman, 27, and Corbin Bleu, 19.She accessorized her look with Carmen Steffens shoes and her grandmother’s heirloom clutch, which is over 100 years old. Monique went strapless in a violet Nicole Miller dress and sparkled in Erica Courtney jewelry."She was like, 'I think you should do it like this and then at the end, I'm going to say, "Ryan, grab my bag! That's not going to work.' And, of course, when we walked in, I couldn't help but have that energy with her and I think that's why we both got it."7." And you'll go grab my bag.' And I was like, 'I can’t believe an actor is giving me notes at an audition. Before auditioning for High School Musical, Grabeel had been working at Blockbuster.

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And initially, she almost didn't go in for the role. What really attracted Coleman to Taylor was the fact that she was an intelligent young black woman.

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  1. He made such an impression that a number of United players asked their manager to try and sign the young player, which the team soon did. He showed his promise early on in the 2004 FA Cup final, scoring the team's first three goals and helping them capture the championship.

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